Meet Our Team

Africa Times: delivers unique, authoritative and independent reporting from the frontlines of crises to inspire and produce a more effective humanitarian response

Team manager:

Mohamed Mohamud Dahir


freelance journalists and writer He working for ten year’s since now on independent media in East Africa-Somalia-Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti,
He is also investigator for rape crimes, and rights of minority people.



2- Editor: shakir Essa

Shakir Essa ( Somali: Shaakir Ciise; Arabic: شاكر عيسي‎;

Served as Editor at  and Manager in Somali Press Association, .

Watch to Somali American Tv in 2017


The Shakir Essa Report, first aired January 2012, is a, weekly documentary in which he reports on African Immigrant stories in Libya and Tunisia.

Shakir Essa was born in late 1980s in Hargeisa, Somaliland.[3] He attended High School and College in Hargeisa,

He later studied Computer Science at The international Horn University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. In 2004, he moved to Malaysia , at University of Malaysia TIU

Shakir is also multilingual, speaking Somali, Urdu, French, Arabicand English.[3]

To Connect Shakir Essa, don’t hesitate to follow him on Social Media

Facebook: /ShakirEssa2

Instagram: Shakir Essa




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