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Team manager:

Mohamed Mohamud Dahir


freelance journalists and writer He working for ten year’s since now on independent media in East Africa-Somalia-Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti,
He is also investigator for rape crimes, and rights of minority people.



2- Editor: shakir Essa


Shakir Essa ( Somali: Shaakir Ciise; Arabic: شاكر عيسي‎;

born 12 April 1987) is a Somali journalists and writer. He was a Radio Hargeisa newscaster and Irin news reporter, where he made his name reporting from northern Somalia. In may 2005, he moved to a new post at Universal Tv where he presented the Somali in America program in January 2012

Somali in America Program by Shakir Essa

Somali in America program: by Shakir Essa

  1. Somali in America, program 2017 in Cincinnati OHIO

The Shakir Essa Report, first aired January 2012, is a thirty-minutes, weekly investigative documentary in which he reports on African immigrant stories northern Africa, Libya and Tunisia. Shakir Essa is a well-known social media activist in east african communities he served as producer of The Voiceless community’s


Shakir Essa was born in 12 april 1987 in the jameecada district of Hargeisa, Somaliland.[3] He attended high school in Hargeisa,

He later studied Telecommunication technologyat the international Horn University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. In 2004, he moved to Malaysia and pursued an advanced degree in Telecommunication Engineering at the TIU in malaysia .[3] He later on attended the cyber security and and advanced information technology at University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, USA.

He is also multilingual, speaking Somali, Urdu, Arabicand English.[3]


Facebook: Shakir Essa

Instagram: Shakir Essa

Twitter: @Shakir_Essa

Reporter: Hodo abokor


Hodo abokor is the best africa times reporter awards in 2016


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Get in touch with the shakir essa posts, videos, news article's, He is the presenter of both africa times news (sub saharan africa) and digital media creator(infographics video). shakir is a senior contributor at the africa times news (

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